I can’t believe that I’m typing the very last blog post of this year’s festival. The week has sped past so quickly in some respects, whilst in others it feels like the festival has been running for months!

We ended our run at Brentwood Theatre yesterday, so today’s events were based at Chicken and Frog Bookshop. Illustrator and bookseller, Hazel Williams, ran a workshop this morning, in which the children created their very own illustrated books. Once again, the creativity was bursting; brilliant! If you missed out on this opportunity, you can visit Hazel at Nutshell Studios in Barleylands. To see the children’s ideas come to life on the pages that they had created was magical.

hazel event






We finished off the festival with the first ever UK event for Caighlan Smith. Caighlan’s latest novel, Children of Icarus, was published just two weeks ago, so is still shiny and new. Caighlan was joined by her very lovely mum, as well as her editor, Penny, from Curious Fox Books. It was really interesting to hear Caighlan’s experiences as a young author, as well as glimpsing an insight of the editing process between author and editor. All I can say is that we can’t wait for the second book to come out next Spring. A room full of teens, excited about reading and writing is an absolute joy.


So, all that is left to do is to say our thank-yous (in no particular order) and bow out. Thanks to our sponsors for having faith in our madcap idea; to our venues, the teams at the Brentwood Theatre, Brentwood Library and Hogarth Primary School. To the wonderful line up of authors and illustrators who made each and every event inspirational. To the kind people who agreed to take posters and advertising boards; to Laurie Edmonds, webmistress extraordinaire; to the re-tweeters and Facebook likers; to Phoenix FM and BBC Essex for inviting Natasha in to talk about the festival and of course all of the people who have come from near and far to meet an author. Last, but by no means least, to our friends and family for their support.

We made it! We’re off for a little sleep, before we start planning for 2017. The festival will run 22nd-29th July, so watch out for updates.