Energy is high, as we near the end of the week. On one level, we are exhausted, but on another, we’re running on adrenalin and that will do. We can sleep on Sunday! Our first event of the day, was with Julie Irwin (aka J.D.Irwin).

Julie is the author of the Edwin Spencer trilogy. Edwin has enough problems at school, without strange voices calling him into another dimension! But when he is pulled into the kingdom of Hysteria on a secret mission, he feels very at home. Could this be his chance at last to be a hero? Or will his sidekick, Perpetua Allbright, the school swot, be his downfall? I will let you find out for yourselves.

Julie lead the group in a fantastic characterisation workshop this morning. I think that the children surprised themselves with what their imaginations created, from magical dinner ladies to pink fluffy unicorns as teachers; their ideas were flowing and flowing.








In the afternoon, award winning Dave Cousins leapt around a fair bit, with sound advice about what to do if you come across a bear. He also talked about his journey to becoming an author, sharing his passion for songwriting and comics.

Of graphic novels, Dave said that they ‘are a little bit like carrying a film around in your hands.’ The fact that Dave writes and illustrates the Charlie Merrick series means that they incredibly time consuming…but, hopefully they’ll be a third one at some point. They are the perfect balance between text and graphic novel.


Once again, two very different authors, who inspired the audience to pick up a book or a pen. Wonderful!