There was a very clear theme yesterday; dinosaurs ruled the day. We began with David O’Connell, who spoke about some of his books and the way that his role varies. Sometimes he illustrates, sometimes he writes, sometimes he does both…he’s a very busy man!

David also spoke to the children about how to hunt for ideas in the everyday. But, if you can’t find anything, start with two lists. Once you have your lists, then choose and voila! You may too have Supersteg and Superwiz (an evil wizard dog).

From there, David took direction from the audience, to create a four-celled comic of the characters adventures. I am not sure that either character won the day, but if you want to see the final result, just visit Chicken and Frog Bookshop.


Dinosaurs most definitely took centre stage in the afternoon, as we welcomed Ian Whybrow to the theatre. Ian spoke about the importance of reading to babies, as they learn about language and how stories work, from a very young age.

After a master-class in how to be a Stegosaurus, T-Rex and Pterodactyl, Ian then retold a Harry story, inviting the children in the audience to be a part of the action. I must say, the starring robot was very convincing, closely followed by the exasperated-looking big sister, Sam. Well done to everyone for great acting.


Friday was the last day for the festival at Brentwood Theatre. A huge thanks to the team behind the scenes, all of our volunteers from the theatre and Brentwood Breakfast Rotary, the audiences and of course, our wonderful authors, for a brilliant week.

Today we will be rounding the festival off with a fully booked illustration workshop and the UK book launch of Caighlan Smith’s Children of Icarus. And then…we will sleep for a week!