We are soooooo excited. That’s right, we have abandoned spelling rules! If you know us already, then you will know that we love the Brentwood Theatre. We have had the pleasure of working with the theatre over the years and always wanted to do more.

After emails, meetings and cups of tea, we have come up with a plan to launch the Mini Fest in February 2019. There will be a whole array of fantastic events, including workshops, talks and shows, which embrace the arts. The team behind Brentwood Lit Fest and Chicken and Frog, will be organising the literature strand, whilst the theatre team take on music and drama.

To our absolute delight, we have booked Maz Evans, Michelle Harrison, Wilbur Dawburn, Gareth P. Jones and The Really Big Pants Theatre Company. Click on their names from 2:00pm this afternoon, to see details.