We’ve made it to Tuesday! This may not be the greatest sounding of achievements, but there’s been a lot going on, so the fact that Tuesday has been and (almost) gone, with Wednesday clear in our sight, is pretty impressive.

What have we been up to today I hear you ask? I shall tell you. This morning we were visited by Andy Robb, author of the award short-listed Geekhood series. If you have ever gone through the awkward moment of telling someone that you ‘like’ them, but failed miserably upon delivery of the message, the Geekhood books are for you. If you happen to be a complete Geek (yes, with a capital G, then so much the better).

Not only is Andy an author, he’s also done his fair share of acting darling, which means that he is amazingly good at entertaining a crowd by spinning a good yarn. He confessed his failings as a teen in love, as well as encouraging the crowd to try out whatever it is that they are passionate about. Book blogger, Josh was on hand to run the show today, managing to squeeze in a few questions of his own between Andy’s ramblings and the audience’s questions.

The quote of the day goes to Andy: ‘There are no dream restrictions.’ Well said.


Terrible photography credits of stairs go to Natasha (sorry).

After a little break in between, relaxing on the sofa at Chicken and Frog, Natasha went off to Brentwood Station, author spotting. Luckily for her, and more importantly, the children who went along to the Brentwood Theatre, she found Pete Johnson. He was more than willing to join her for the afternoon!

Inspired by a letter from Dodie Smith, 12-year-old Pete began to realise that maybe, just maybe, he too could become an author. And aren’t we glad that he did! Pete is a multi-award winning author, with a diverse range of titles, from ghost stories to the witty comedy of his Louis series. There’s nothing more enticing to a child than learning how to escape the nagging of parents!

Pete kept the audience busy, asking them questions, before answering some himself. The interaction between such a great author and his readers made the experience all the more special.


Audience participation kept the children on their toes.

Another brilliant day has been had! And so onward to Wednesday. We are visiting Brentwood Library in the morning, with the cuddly Bizzy Bear and then back to Brentwood Theatre at 3:00pm, with the magical Nikki Sheehan. Tickets will be available on the door for Nikki, so come along; she’s wonderful.