Now there are two things that I wouldn’t recommend you putting together, however, this week it worked out well. Yesterday morning we welcomed Alastair, self-proclaimed super fan of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid and host extraordinaire, of the Wimpy Kid Roadshow.

The auditorium was jam packed with fans of the books (and films), all armed with a clipboard and a big smile. If I had to sum up the event in three words, I would say: LOUD, fun and Loud!

There was a Hopscotch Challenge, quizzes, a lot of shouting key phrases such as ‘Loaded Diaper’, ‘Zooee Mama’ and ‘Wimpy Kid’, and a brilliant draw-a-long with Jeff Kinney himself (via the power of video).

I felt exhausted just watching. What a great way to get Monday mornings up and running.








The afternoon took on a rather calmer pace, with the very lovely Peter Bunzl. Peter’s soon-to-be trilogy of tales (Cogheart, Moonlocket and Sky Circus), are set in an alternative Victorian London, with steampunk-inspired mechanical people and animals (mechanimals) as part of everyday life.

Peter shared his many sources of inspiration with the audience, from the classic Star Wars droids to Dickensian London, from strange photographs to a fantastic sounding park in France, where mechanical animals really do exist!

The audience were taught how to create a jumping robot, using the roller animation technique – thank goodness that Peter is a brilliant animator, as well as author.

Another inspirational event, with a fantastically talented author. The audience left with images of steampunk creations whirling in their minds. Magical.