Picture the scene:

A mid-Autumn afternoon, in a cosy bookshop. Brentwood, Essex.

Natasha: I think we should put on a children’s lit festival.

Jim: No. (weerily).

Fast forward two or three weeks.

Jim: Maybe we should…

Papers fly around in a whirlwind of activity as Natasha fires off emails, before Jim changes his mind.


That was well over a year ago, months before we launched the first Brentwood Children’s Literary Festival. Year one went well. It was incredibly stressful in the build up, but the week itself was amazing. This year, rather naively, we thought that stress levels would be lower. Ha! How wrong we were.

But, as the festival start date looms (just two days to go), we are super excited to be bringing so many brilliant authors and illustrators to our town. What better way to engage children in the wonderful world of books? Who will you come to meet?