Well hello dear reader and welcome to the first blog of Brentwood Children’s Literary Festival. It’s all jolly exciting isn’t it?

Although the festival is 9 months away, we are keen to let you know what we have planned, so that you can decide which authors you would like to meet.

But, before all of that, we have some thank-yous. Firstly to all of our sponsors, without whom this festival simply couldn’t happen. (If you would like to be a sponsor, do pop over to the page that has info about the available packages).

Next on our list is Sharon Hawkins from Bee Spotted. Sharon is responsible for our logo – we will be launching a competition to name the worm. Watch this space.

The last thank-you (for now) goes to Local By Social‘s Laurie Edmonds, who is quite frankly, brilliant. Laurie is the reason that our website looks so slick and professional. Thank goodness for all of these talented people!

At the moment, the author page contains links to the websites of all of the lovely authors booked (pun very much intended) for next year. Over the next few weeks, this page will be developed, to include information about all of the individual events and how to purchase your tickets.

But…we are delighted that two of the authors we will be welcoming to Brentwood have been nominated for the prestigious CILIP Carnegie Award. A.F.Harrold, performance poet and author, has been nominated for The Imaginary (stunningly illustrated by the immeasurably talented Emily Gravett). And Laura Dockrill, also an inspirational poet and novelist, has been nominated for Lorali.



We are feeling blessed to be surrounded and supported by so many talented people…keep your eyes on the blog for updates.