At the heart of this festival is the ability to bring the joy of children’s literature to all. That was the driving force behind registering the Brentwood Children’s Literary Festival as a charity. The paper work was far from easy, but thanks to my wonderful mum (who is far better at form filling than I), a dedicated Board of Trustees and a determination to succeed, we got there!

Our charitable status will hopefully support future applications for funding, meaning that tickets costs can remain low. If tickets are low cost, more families can access the festival, whilst the authors and illustrators are paid, as they should be. So far, so good!

What we didn’t expect was for others, not involved in the organisation of the festival, to independently come up with ideas to make the festival experience even more positive for those who attend. We owe our thanks to Gerry Bender. If you are local to Brentwood, you may well know Gerry, either personally or through reputation. Gerry is passionate about Brentwood; he is often heard at meetings, supporting and promoting all that is positive about our town.

Gerry has come up with a wonderful idea, to sponsor books at the festival. He is gently persuading friends, family and colleagues to sponsor a book, which will then be passed on to children who come along to an event at the festival. How wonderful is that?! We will keep you posted on Gerry’s progress. If you would like to get involved, please email us and we will pass on your messages.