I’m not sure about you, but I have no idea where the year has gone! Surely it’s not the summer already? Well, weather wise, it’s a bit hit and miss, but now that June has arrived, we can officially begin our countdown towards the summer holidays.

The ‘summer holidays’. Those two words can fill a parent/grandparent/adult… with an overwhelming sense of dread. It can also be a wonderful time, with six weeks or so where we get to explore the world a little more. Personally, I adore the holidays, but then I’m in a privileged position to be able to juggle work around the needs of my children. So, I also completely understand that such a long stretch can be daunting (and also quite expensive).

Never fear, because we have just the thing to keep your family busy during the first week of the break. This year, we have 15 events planned, ranging from workshops to interactive shows. Programmes are winging their way towards schools as I type, or you can take a look here. Storytime in the library and the workshop with at Chicken and Frog Bookshop, with Alligator Design, are already full, but there’s still plenty of options. Don’t miss out.