We received a wonderfully complimentary tweet yesterday from @MaudieSmith:

What a great line-up! Can this really be your first ever festival @BwdLitFest ?

It made us feel proud of what we have achieved so far, in terms of the work that has gone on behind the scenes. The fact that such a talented bunch of authors and illustrators want to be part of this is enormously humbling (and a little scary too). We may look as if everything is calm, but in actual fact, this is the reality:


Chaos Field

To say that we are excited about the festival is an understatement. The momentum is picking up pace now and with 6 months to go, let’s hope that it continues to do so.

In the past week ticket sales have begun (thanks to the work and enthusiasm of teams at The Brentwood Theatre and Local by Social); we have been notified that our application for charity status has been granted; J.D.Irwin has been interviewed by Joe Sturdy from the Brentwood Gazette, the Gazette also printed a full listing of events and then it was all topped off on Friday with that lovely tweet from Maudie!

If you haven’t done so already, take a look at the schedule for July – it’s cracking!